Childish Gambino: The Hero From America

Childish Gambino touched on many issues and aspects that are important to Americans today. He showed what is happening in American society and paid special attention to black people’s role. Glover tackled a number of modern American issues, including racism, social networking, suicide and many others. The video addresses issues like racism, prejudice, discrimination and violence.

Glover’s message is that the image of a beautiful American lifestyle is deceptive, and it can distract from the reality. After watching the video several times, you can get a better understanding of other meanings. Background details are often obscured by the many things going on in the video. Glover is seen in this amazing scene making some strange moves before shooting the guy. The rapper’s position is reminiscent to that of Jim Crow the famous comic figure of the nineteenth century. Rice, an American actor, created and popularized the character. The actor who played this character is white, but the black paint was applied to him in order to attract whites. It is sad but true that the weapons are more valuable than a human life. Glover carefully wraps each weapon in a handkerchief after Gambino finishes firing.

The scene in which Gambino shoots the choir is based on a shooting in Charleston, USA that took place in 2015. A white man named Dylann Roof killed nine black people. This shooting is racially motivated. No need to do a lengthy analysis. Gambino briefly discusses the way that any tragedy can be uploaded immediately to social media, and often as live broadcasts. Because they are indifferent, people would rather record than help the person. These words are used to convey two different meanings. The slang term for tool is “weapon”, while celly is the English translation of phone. Fans think this has something to do with the shooting of Stefan Clarke, an unarmed African American by the police. Police initially thought he had a firearm in his hands, but the phone was all that was there.

The words can be read as a statement that the smartphone has become a powerful tool in modern society, allowing people to record different events. We can see in this picture a man wearing a hood riding a horse. This symbol represents death and the apocalypse. As can be seen, there is a lot going on in the video. Most of the choreography we see comes from Youtube. Glover also dances the South African tradition called gvar gvar which was popularized Rihanna. Gambino shows old cars, in contrast to modern rappers that usually show expensive posh cars. Most Americans still use cars with cassette players instead of the modern audio system. Donald Glover escapes the white people at the end. He is running to escape his reality. This scene was spotted by many as a reference to Childish Gamino’s track from the film “Get Out”.


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