The Importance Of Family Support

While more people work at home, Bass Engineering Company’s teams still travel. They travel a lot. In just this year, we have installed anode beds in Florida, Alaska and all points between. They are frequent nomads and spend weeks away from family members.

Traveling across the country is not always required. It can mean leaving the house early before the kids get up, or returning late at night. You quickly realize the sacrifices that come with these opportunities. It is even more difficult to make sacrifices when you truly love your job. It is usually in the form lost time, either time that could have been spent on other hobbies or with family. Most of the time, it is impossible to model or understand this trade-off. We just do. We do it because of our career. We do this for our careers. Now, let’s change our perspective. The families of our employees make sacrifices in terms of time, distance, and even money. But it is their spouses, their children, and their significant others that are making the greatest sacrifices. Bass as a business is built on the strength of our families, significant others and their support. Those closest are those who suffer the most from our large-scale jobs. Missed events such as birthdays, anniversaries or concerts are painful for the people we love.

When we’re away, our family members are left to run the household alone, often for weeks and days, in addition their own jobs. It takes tremendous mental and physically effort to do this, and their contributions are not overlooked. We’re grateful for the impact that distance and time can have on our most valuable relationships, even if it is painful. Our families’ blessing is essential to our ability to deploy large teams across the country. The Bass family and others who are important to us cannot be thanked enough. This is the perfect time to thank all of our Bass family members and loved ones for making our work possible.


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