The Good And Bad Characteristics Of A Baby Boomer

Every person is unique. He is unique. Even siblings differ greatly. With each person’s unique characteristics, it is still possible to have a good relationship.

Since many years, we have had several generations. Each generation has its own unique characteristics. Most baby boomers already know that. What is then a baby-boomer? Baby boomers were born after World War II. The term includes all babies born between 1946-1964, in the prosperous post-war years. The characteristics of Baby Boomers differ greatly from those of the previous generations. They may have all grown up in an environment dominated by American Military. They lived in an age of wonders and new gadgets. During that period, it was rare to find an unemployed person. This indicates that the majority of families were prosperous.

The baby boomers dominate the leadership in academics, culture, politics and industry. George Bush is the most notable individual. Both of them are baby-boomers and have diverging values and attitudes. Baby boomers’ families are among the richest in America. Both early and late boomers exist. The early boomers are the ones who make up this generation, as the late boomers did not experience the draft. Late boomers were identified more by the cultural differences that they shared.

They are also called early generation X. They want to make their mark on history. Birth of the baby-boomer is part of their history. It may also be why they’re idealists. The Boomers will have a major impact on cultural and political issues. The leaders of this generation are usually in the upper echelons and display vision, decisiveness, and the ability to withstand any situation.

Baby boomers aren’t just known for being positive. There are also destructive traits like arrogance, selfishness and ruthlessness which can lead them to despotism. A baby boomer will often review their entire personal life in midlife. They are only interested in their own success and that of their children. Some boomers manage the lives of their children.

The boomers are excessively protective parents. The boomers want to clean up everything their children see, even television shows. In contrast, in their childhood they wanted to enjoy almost anything with less restrictions. They want to improve society through their children. They are not just hippies. Though they may be viewed as counter-cultures, baby boomers also care about their personal and social well-being. This is more common as they get older.

The Baby Boomers were criticized for being ageists and anti-youth. The catchphrase of the baby boomers, “don’t believe anyone older than 30”, is further proof. Not all baby-boomers are like that. There are those who still adhere to the norms of society. They are all valuable individuals, boomer or not.


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