Summary And Review Of The Book No Longer At Ease By Chinua Achebe

The novel, No Longer at Ease demonstrates how difficult it is to depart from tradition. Obi, an 18-year-old man, is in the book’s opening. He is accused of committing crime. The story then describes Obi’s struggles, his mother’s death, and Clara his soon to become wife. Flashbacks to Obi’s childhood are the focus of the novel. Obi was just returning from the British University in Nigeria, where he had received a four-year education. The Umuofia Progressive Union gave him a scholarship. Obi was overwhelmed by the prospect of seeing familiar faces upon his return home, and he met Clara, a young woman. Their connection and interconnection with one another grew quickly. The Umuofia Progressive Union hosted a party to celebrate his return home. Obi stays with Joseph to try and find a job and a house. Obi quickly encounters bribery. Obi receives money from a man to help his little sister get a scholarship. Obi also gets a girl who offers her services as a favor. Obi, who has always rejected the world as it is, refuses both.

Obi soon finds that things are getting worse. Clara, Clara’s sister, came to Obi and told him that they couldn’t get married because she was an outcast. Obi ignored Clara’s concerns and accepted his customs. He decided to keep the marriage going. He is also in debt. His father then sends him a letter telling him that it is time for him to return home. His mother becomes very upset and ill upon his return from the hospital. His parents keep telling him that Clara is a scum and that they shouldn’t get married. His mother finally gave him a choice. He could marry Clara or wait for her death. Clara becomes upset when Obi shares the details with her. Obi then learned that Clara was pregnant. He scheduled an abortion. Clara is later hospitalized because of complications during the surgery. Obi refuses her to talk or to see Clara. Obi is then notified by his mother that his mother has died. Obi sends her the money, but doesn’t go home to mourn his mother. Umuofia Progressive Union sees this as an act of desperation. Obi becomes depressed after losing the love and support of his mother. Obi decides to let go of the many principles he’s held onto throughout his life. He then marries, reaffirming his faith that this will be his last. Obi learns that his lies to himself are starting to be a routine. Obi does however take his last bride and is arrested. The similarities between the novel and this book didn’t strike me until I wrote this book report. Obi spent four year in England to pursue his education. In his book, Obi mentioned that the Umuofia Progressive Union provided him with a scholarship to go to British University. Obi and myself were the inspiration for this parallel. All of us are blessed with the opportunity to go to college. You can even study abroad in other continents. Harding has seven different programs available that will enhance your education, help you find the right person, and even make you more open to other cultures. Obi was a British University student and decided to change his study path. Many students who study abroad find a topic or passion that interests them. One example is a girl who was studying Speech Pathology on her trip. She was able to enjoy the clinic atmosphere, the various cases, and being able to help others. Our regular university also offers a study aboard program. Every day, people change their majors. We need to believe in God’s plan for our lives. Obi was nostalgic and missed home. It can be difficult to travel far from your home to go to college. It is difficult to adjust to new environments and ways of life. The ten American girls who went to Africa for their study abroad program had experienced a lot of difficulties before they left. We had never been outside our comfort zones and didn’t know what to expect. Some people have felt homesick while others have not. Although we understand the challenges of moving out of our comfort zones, it is ultimately worth it.

The novel, No Longer at Ease, focuses on the challenges one faces in life. You may have to leave your comfort zone to attend college or you might lose a loved-one and feel the guilt. No matter what the situation, trust God’s plan for your life and not question why it is happening.


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