“Give A Girl The Right Shoes And She Can Conquer The World.’… Marilyn Monroe

While handbags may be a favorite of some women, others prefer shoes. My foot fall is something I enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s to show off new jeans or dresses, other times to emphasize the illusion of height.

But I disagree with the idea that elfin should wear a six-inch stiletto every day. You don’t have a to sacrifice style to be comfortable. For those who want to enhance their height, these are some Do’s & Don’ts.

Nude Heels are your best friend. Buy a pair. The shade closest to your skin’s tone is called “Nude”. The result is that your legs are longer and the heels make it more obvious that your added length is due to the heels. Classic Pumps & Stiletto Classic pumps have different heel sizes. Stilettos are for women who want to live high. Stilettos can be worn on casual occasions or formal occasions. Both the stiletto and pump create the illusion you have longer legs. Peep Toes: Shoes with peep-toes look more taller than they actually are. Running shoes don’t necessarily have to be ugly. You can wear cute loafers, sneakers, flat boots, or comfortable sandals. No to sandals

Wedge shoes are loved by women for their added stability while walking. Wedge shoes with large soles can make the legs look heavy.

Shoes with chunky Heels are best avoided. Although large heels can give women more stability, they don’t look good on a woman who is short. This style of heel is unattractive as it makes your legs look shorter and more heavy.

It is better to be on the ground

An ankle strap is fine for short women. Wrap your ankles.

If you have shorter legs, a wraparound style will give the appearance of a long leg. If you do not want to wear a strap that is too short, choose a style that sits low on your ankle with nude or skin-tone colors. This will help to lengthen your legs.

Avoid rounded or square toes. They will make your legs appear shorter.

For a lift, heels should be at least 2″. Any shorter than this and you’ll be looking for flats to match your short kitten heels.

Boots that reach the mid-calf create a horizontal line across the thickest part. This creates a shorter, more slimmed-looking leg. Boots with ankle boots or knee-high boots are a much better option for elfins.

You should always bring an extra pair of shoes if you wear heels. You can read the science behind high heels to understand the long-term consequences.


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